Who are we?

The Fiat Club of New South Wales (a state of Australia) – is recognised as the premier club for the Fiat brand in the State. Founded in 1949, the Fiat Club of NSW is one of the longest continually running clubs in Australia and we believe it to be the oldest one make car club in the country as well. The Club consists of likeminded people - Fiat enthusiasts covering all aspects of Fiat ownership, from restoration, concourse displays, low and high speed motoring events and social drive days. There is also a section of the Club dedicated to the pre-war motor vehicles.

The Club is affiliated with Motorsport Australia (formerly CAMS) for motorsport competitor licensing and with the Council of Motor Clubs (CMC), therefore, there are a multitude of invited events which the Club members also have access to, as well as Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) conditional registration for the older vehicles. As well, we have a healthy rivalry with the interstate Fiat clubs when it comes to concourse and motorsport events, in the form of the Fiat Nationals held each year.

On a monthly basis we try to hold at least two social gatherings and some type of drive or motorsport event.

The Club’s goal is to promote the Fiat brand and its’ associated marques through the enjoyment and satisfaction of ownership of vehicles designed and manufactured with classic Italian engineering. We are by no means a purist organisation and openly welcome modified Fiats as well, from Mild to Wild, especially the current Abarth's.

With the re-emergence of the Fiat brand in 2006, the Club is now interested in attracting the next generation of Fiat enthusiasts. The newer model Fiats are most welcome into the Club for the Show ‘n’ Shines, Drive Days and Motorsport events…..we all like to see an Abarth Spider, 500 595/695 or EsseEsse at a track day, or on a social drive day!

Why Join the official Fiat Club of New South Wales?

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Good Question..... Besides the obvious social and competitive reason, there are also some more practical considerations. For example there is a wealth of knowledge that can be tapped, to make mechanical work on your car easier, not to mention knowledge of just where to obtain those hard to get parts. We also know where the best service can be obtained, in case you are not a mechanical whiz yourself.

For further details of the Club’s background and activities, please see History

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