Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS)

(For vehicles which have NOT been modified)

The Fiat Club of NSW is registered with TfNSW (RMS) to offer financial club members the opportunity to register their cars under the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS). This is often referred to as club registration, or club plates (a reference to the original NSW club registration scheme).

Each participating club has a historic plate registrar, who keeps a list of all club vehicles operating under the scheme, with the Fiat Club of NSW as the primary club. The historic registrar also signs and stamps the annual historic vehicle declaration which accompanies the renewal, to confirm the vehicle and member’s ongoing compliance with the scheme. The Fiat Club of N.S.W. is also able to provide CVS registration for modified vehicles as well. Refer to the classic vehicle scheme - here

To obtain the documents below, please click on the document name to download the relevant document

Background information pages attached, plus the club's latest Rules for HVS.

    •    Historic Vehicle Scheme - v3 February 2021 - which is a general overview,

    •    HVS Rules - Feb 2016 v2 - what members need to understand and comply with.

    •    HVS-Period - Options, accessories & safety

There are two RMS forms that need to be completed by members wanting to take up a new HVS registration, or to renew.

    •    Application for Conditional Registration - form 1246

    •    Historic Vehicle Declaration - form 1259

There are two FCNSW forms as well.

    •    HVS Registration Checklist - aimed to guide members through the HVS minefield!

    •    HVS Member Declaration & Vehicle Eligibility form - which the club keeps on file,

Richard Dalziel

Postal address for documents: 12 Page Ave Wahroonga NSW 2076

FIAT Club of NSW Historic Plate Registrar