FIAT Club of NSW Motorsport Information

The FIAT Club of NSW uses Ansell Park, located in Percival Street Clarendon, next to the Richmond Royal Australian Air Force base for our motorkhanas. Entry is via a driveway with a small sign saying “Ansell Park, Private Property”. There is a grassed car park for competitors and visitors. Water and toilet facilities are available on site. The location of Ansell Park can be found HERE.

Entry forms will be emailed out approximately four weeks prior to the events and online preregistration is encouraged. On the day, registration opens around 8am, with scrutineering commencing at 8:30am. Drivers briefing and sign on will be around 9:30am and the main event will start at 10 am and break for lunch, with a finishing time of around 4pm.

Seniors will (usually) run through eight different Motorkhana events, four in the morning and four in the afternoon. Juniors will have a smaller set, as decided by the Junior Clinic Instructor. All events are held on the grassed paddocks.

All those participating in Junior Clinic (aged from 12 and not having a provisional licence) will be given their own drivers briefing and will be on a separate field. Juniors will be accompanied by an adult at all times while driving in the Junior Clinic. Whether in the clinic or not, juniors are NOT allowed to drive anywhere at Ansell Park without being accompanied by a licenced adult in the car.

There will be a sausage sizzle put on at lunch time with everyone gathering under the Hay Shed shelter for food and socializing. The prices are very reasonable at $1 for a can of cold soft drink and $2.50 for a sausage sandwich.

This is a Motorsport Australia sanctioned event so if anyone has a Motorsport Australia licence (L2NS minimum), be sure to bring it with you. Everyone must produce a current Motorsport Australia affiliated car club membership card.

The cars will be scrutineered and in particular, all loose items must be removed from inside (and outside for that matter), wheels must be tight, battery must be secure, valve caps on all wheels and seatbelts will be checked.

Driver’s clothing is free unless you are driving a ‘special’ (open wheeler car) and then helmet and goggles are mandatory.

Ansell Park can get quite hot during the day, so be sure to bring a hat, sunnies and sunscreen, and don’t wear your Sunday best as the place usually gets very dusty.

Full details are available in the Supplementary Regulations issued with the event. Safety is of paramount concern and further instruction will be given during the event, however disobeying safety instructions or hooning at Ansell Park will result in immediate expulsion. A Speed Limit of 15 km/h is in place at all times unless actually competing. As there are always young children around, the area between the car park and Hay Shed is out of bounds to all vehicles.

Michael McGeorge

FIAT Club of NSW Competition Secretary

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